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This is a place to discuss the latest science and news on any recent developments of GHK Copper, also known as Copper Peptides

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References and uses of Copper Peptides in relation to cosmetic uses.

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GHK Copper was originally used in the field of wound healing. Ask a question or read about studies on this subject.

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GHK Copper has been studied extensively in the field of cancer research. Have a question about it? Or want to read about the latest cancer research and how Copper Peptides might be part of a strategy of coping with cancer.

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GHK Copper has just started being used in studies in relation to COPD. Read about here, or ask a question.

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GHK Copper is naturally found in blood. There is more GHK Copper in the blood as a younger individual that an older individual. Read how GHK Copper helps an anti aging agent.

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Read how Copper is essential in warding off disease. Or ask a question in regards to copper and disease here.

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