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Reply to "Appearance of surfacing buried scar tissue/damage"

Hi, Believe,
If you prefer, you may email me at
Until then, what I CAN say here, is that it is so very important to pay close attention to everything in your regimen, your stress levels, whether or not you are eating healthy and drinking quality water, taking recommended supplements that Dr. Pickart has mentioned...
Also, I used to be quite impatient, derma rolling every couple of weeks, but lately I will wait six weeks or more... this is where you will REALLY begin to notice changes. These changes will continue to occur for weeks, months or years later down the road. Skin remodeling doesn't happen overnight.
Personally, documenting what I use, how I eat, how I'm feeling (in addition to photographs) have helped me tremendously. I also try to remember that my scars and acne may seem like a battlefield to me, but others are not concentrating on my flaws like I obsess over them in the mirror daily.
Don't let your imperfections ruin your life. You will miss out on the beauty that will help you heal.
Remember that everyone has imperfections and your eyes will begin to see things differently.
I look forward to hearing from you!
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