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Cooper peptides vs AHK-CU for MPB



I'm a copper peptide scalp cream user since a few month.

I read a lot of scientific reviews about MPB and studies about AHK-CU in order to regrowth hair for MPB ( Male Pattern Baldness) suffered.


Previously you said : 

" These mixed copper peptides work better than AHK or GHK for improving the beauty of your hair."

Ok for the beauty for hair, but in order to stimulate regrowth, i read a study about AHK-CU.

Only for the regrowth, what is the best Copper peptides, or AHC_CU ? Did you plan to release a new product for male pattern baldness ?

There is a lot for product for this like Adenosin, AhK-CU, Retinol-A, Azelaic Acid,etc...

It will be very nice to have a real product for male pattern baldness.

I use topical copper peptides since 3 month and i have zero improvements for now Frowner

I take an anti-dht caps ( Foligain ) and Vitamin-C (1g) and the flaxseed oil, no results Frowner




I would like to find a way to improve the copper peptides' effect in order to fight a lot MPB.


What do you think?

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