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Copper Peptides Protect against UV Radiation

Sun Health

If you're like me, you love the healthy glow of sun as it tans your skin. But perhaps you ask, is tanning really safe? We hear so much these days about sunlight and cancer -- yet, why is it that we feel so happy in the sun? How can something that feels so good be bad for your health? It is true that if you overdo the sun without applying SPF sunscreens or protective products like copper peptides, you may harm and age your skin without reaping health benefits of the sun.


So what is the key to obtaining sun health and a beautiful tan? Moderate sun exposure is the key. Dr. Loren Pickart's copper peptides with copper binding GHK protect against ultraviolet UV radiation. These miraculous molecules provide skin antioxidants that offer anti skin aging benefits. Along with copper peptides, chemical free sunscreens reduce cancer caused by toxic ingredients while promoting young looking skin.

The key to sun health is safe tanning as you bask in the sunshine of radiant skin.


A certain amount of sunlight is necessary for good health, but over exposure may produce skin damage, wrinkling, and other unwanted effects. Skin tanning and sun damage are not the same. Tanning (melanin production) is good, but the goal is to avoid sun damage.


Copper-Peptides supply nutritional copper to the skin. Numerous studies by the US Department of Agriculture Nutrition Laboratories have indicated the dietary copper levels in the USA are too low for optimum health.


Copper binding peptides such as the human copper binding tripeptide, GHK, protect cultured keratinocytes from lethal UV radiation. Our genome studies found that the human copper binding tripeptide activates many genes that increase the production of SRPP proteins (small proline rich anti-oxidant proteins that protect skin cell's DNA from oxygen radicals) and many genes associated with ubiquitin.


Products with pure titanium dioxide which blocks ultraviolet rays reduce the intensity of sun exposure. Biological oil such as squalane also help protect your skin.

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