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Reply to "dosing for injections for antiaging"

Hi Dr. Pickart, 
I've been using GHK-Cu for 4 weeks at 5mg daily. I've had great effects including skin, cognitive function and hair growth, it's pretty incredible! 
I have a quick question that I'm hoping you can answer. You recommend the purchase  of GHK-Cu through Ceretropic. I'm curious what dose people use for anti aging effects. I'm concerned of copper toxicity and taking to much of GHK-Cu. 
I've spoken with you on the phone and had a great conversation with you! You're done amazing work on GHK-Cu and I thank you! 
Thanks for you're response in advance!
Thanks for your email. I have been getting various reports on GHK-Cu injections and it seems about 1 to 10 mg daily is helpful.
Using 5 mgs daily only gives you about 0.79 mg copper. European tests found the highest anti-oxidant activity in human blood when taking 5 to 7 mgs Cu daily. In my new book on GHK there is a chapter on copper in the body. The only issue is to keep copper and zinc in a rough balance of about 5 parts zinc to 1 part copper. I have nothing to do with Ceretropic but I wish them well.