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Reply to "GHK WITH COPD"

 "In the study below, it was found that GHK, at a very low concentration (10 nanomolar) reversed the effects of emphysema on the genes of affected fibroblast cells from the patients."

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Wow!  Is the FDA aware of this?  If so, why haven't they approved it and allow it to start being used to help patients?  COPD is 24/7 suffering from not being able to get enough oxygen to the brain.  A walk to the bathroom becomes a major event.  Talking after the slightest exertion is impossible!  It is a life of pure hell and it lasts a long time before it finally releases you to the Grim Reaper.  So much suffering and there is a way that is clearly known to help and even alleviate  it yet the FDA hasn't approved it to be used for patients who are in need of it?

Is this another issue like the medical marijuana one?  Scientists have known for years of the potential of medical marijuana and yet the government halted  scientific research for decades and decades, and refused to allow it to be researched and experimented with legally until this sudden recent flurry of interest that seems to be happening lately (more than likely due to the fact that our country needs the money)!  It is now known that cannabis can cure certain forms of cancer with the oil and yet even now, with articles by doctors and scientists who have proven this, it still remains illegal in most places.

Copper Peptides, medical marijuana, both radically capable of doing miraculous things for the body to heal it and improve quality of life while alleviating much of the suffering.  They have known it for some time and yet they still hold it back away from its citizens!

How many years has it been since the power of what copper can do for COPD patients has been known?  And it is known now and yet now being used.  Think of how many patients suffering from COPD could be helped tremendously with this.  When one can no longer get a breath of air to walk across the room without gasping for oxygen, the  quality of life continues to diminish until it barely seems worth staying alive to just continue to get worse and worse until even turning over in bed becomes too difficult because one cannot get enough air to preform this simple task!
I find it extremely upsetting that people are left to suffer when known cures are available but are being held back from the people who need them the most and whose lives are ruined while living in chronic pain and suffering that could be alleviated,

I took care of my mother for the last 10 years of her life as she slowly wasted away from COPD.  I watched as she went from a health, vibrant woman to a near skeleton  who could barley get around her one floor condo and later became bedridden in a nursing unable to turn herself in bed without help, constantly begging the nurses to turn up the oxygen as she felt like she couldn't breath.  I watched as gradually her brain functioning diminished and she developed Altzhimer's or some kind of senile dementia   most likely due to the lack of oxygen.  They used to find her at night getting out of bed and turning up the oxygen machine she was on and they would yell at her gut all she as trying to do was get a few real breaths of air!
Ten years of living hell before she was released from the suffering - and this body of knowledge now tells me that if copper had be allowed to be used for medical purposes like COPD those 10 years would have been very different for her with less or no suffering, no nursing home or oxygen needed and a longer happier life!

Today we hear stories of children an adults with epilepsy, cancer  and other disorders who are suffering and dying needlessly because they are unable to get the medicine they need due to prohibition; and we have discovered that the government has known about these capabilities all this time but chose to prohibit a medication that used to be on every pharmacy's shelf decades ago.

Both my mother's life and mine would have been radically different if she had been allowed to have copper peptides when she was in such deep suffering and gasping for air.  Who knows she might have lived many years longer and had a much better quality of life if they had used copper to help her as opposed to the standard copd medicines which seemed to do nothing at all!

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