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Reply to "GHK WITH COPD"

Originally Posted by Bart:

Does anyone know if GHK is available orally as a supplement?  from other countries maybe?



Liposomal GHK and GHK-copper2+ are sold.


Glycyl-L-Histidyl-L-Liysine-Cu(2+) loaded liposome formulations

Erdem, Setenay; T�rko�lu, Murat
May 2010
Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal;May2010, Vol. 14 Issue 2, p91
Academic Journal
Enhancement of collagen synthesis by glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine-Cu2+ (GHK-Cu) derivatives is well known. The different activities of GHK-Cu would be of interest for cosmetic applications. Liposomes provide many benefits as topical drug delivery systems. Structure of double layer and lipid composition of liposomes keep the active substance longer in skin and provide regularly release to the deeper skin layers. Our aim in this study was to prepare GHK-Cu loaded liposomes and characterize them to use in a cosmetic formulation. UV spectrophotometric method was used to detect the GHK-Cu in aqueous medium and FTIR spectrums were taken to determine the absorption bands. In stability studies, it was observed that aqueous solutions of GHK-Cu samples maintained their stability at 4�C for 4 months and the FTIR absorption bands of powdered GHK-Cu did not change when stored under the same stability conditions with aqueous samples. Different liposome formulations were prepared by lipid film hydration technique using different kinds of phospholipids (dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC-5911), Epicuron 100H, and Epicuron 200SH). The particle size and shape of liposomes were determined using microscope, SEM, and laser diffraction method. The average particle size was found to be 13�m. In the percent entrapment studies of GHK-Cu in liposomes, it was found that the highest entrapment was achieved with the liposomes prepared with Epicuron 100H. It was concluded that diffusion of GHK-Cu from liposomes prepared with Epicuron 100H was higher and more steady than that of liposomes prepared with DPPC and Epicuron 200SH in diffusion studies where a dialysis tubing was used.


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