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Originally Posted by Dr. Loren Pickart:


It only takes a moment or two to upload or choose from the admittedly low selection.


Just had a thought while reading this and wanted to toss it out here for consideration. 

While I was googling around for an appropriate avatar to use here I found many interesting ones and also some that fit with the theme of the pictures around this site and the avatars that are being offered.   Would it be possible for us to add avatar pics to the "admittedly low selection" as we find them? 

If a number of people added even a couple or so the selection would grow and offer more to the liking of different people who maybe aren't using them because they don't like the ones offered and either don't know how or just don't feel like looking for one on their own. 

We could build a library of sorts of avatars for members to choose from and there would be all sorts of styles that surely people could find at least one of them to their liking as well as having a larger choice.
AND you could give out the activity points to those who add avatars (after they are approved of course) to inspire people to add a few.

I don't know the logistics of how it works but maybe we could either just submit them to the admins for approval or the admins could post a tutorial on how to add the avatars we want to submit to the already existing collection.  Gradually we would have a large and diversified collection of avatars for users leaving no excuse to not use one (like I don't like what's offered or I don't know how to put up my own, or I'm a troll leave me alone about identification issues, etc.)  You could even make it a requirement for membership or for forum reading/posting and if a member doesn't comply you could arbitrarily assign one to them or just not allow them access to the forums until they get one? 

Or even just skip that part if it seems too heavy-handed, but offer a larger selection by allowing members who are interested in participating in this to build the collection up to a better more varied size (and even earning some points for doing so) that has more diversity and different styles to choose from.

I thought of this as I was dissatisfied with the avatar I had originally picked from the list and finally one day sat down with and had some fun looking for a replacement.  I found SO many that seemed just perfect and appropriate to the theme here and thought what a shame these aren't offered at the website collection.

Anyway just an idea which segues into another thought I had while pondering this one that maybe there could be a suggestion thread for things like this and who knows what other ideas people might come up with that might be helpful?  That's the fun of suggestion boxes (or threads) like a thrift shop you never know what you might find.

Anyway just some suggestions for the invisible suggestion box.


Dear AdriaAlexis:


Sounds great! Perhaps we can implement some of your ideas.


You'll be happy to know that we've added to our Avatar selection. And of course, it is possible for members to upload and use their own.


Eventually we will have a large and diverse avatar collection. Until then, we are slowly adding to our current selection.


We'll be in touch on how members might submit general use avatars to perhaps add to the library.


Thanks for your well thought-out participation on our new forum!


Best Wishes,

-Skin Biology

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