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I just had a couple of "things" biopsied and got the results today. The one on my nose is a skin cancer. Basal cell. So they are going to do Mohs surgery on it, but they can't get me in for 2 months! From what I've read, basal cell usually doesn't spread. Is there a product that I could be applying to the area that would make the cancer cells go away? Or get better somehow?

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Retinoic acid is a drug and cannot be used in cosmetics. We have scar reduction methods at but your physician must approve of what you do because of the cancer. Below is one idea - retinoic acid and glycolic acid. 


Indian Dermatol Online J. 2015 Mar-Apr;6(2):84-8. doi: 10.4103/2229-5178.153007.

Retinoic acid and glycolic acid combination in the treatment of acne scars.



Acne is a prevalent condition in society affecting nearly 80-90% of adolescents often resulting in secondary damage in the form of scarring. Retinoic acid (RA) is said to improve acne scars and reduce postinflammatory hyperpigmentation while glycolic acid (GA) is known for its keratolytic properties and its ability to reduce atrophic acne scars. There are studies exploring the combined effect of retinaldehyde and GA combination with positive results while the efficacy of retinoic acid and GA (RAGA) combination remains unexplored.


The aim of this study remains to retrospectively assess the efficacy of RAGA combination on acne scars in patients previously treated for active acne.


A retrospective assessment of 35 patients using topical RAGA combination on acne scars was done. The subjects were 17-34 years old and previously treated for active acne. Case records and photographs of each patient were assessed and the acne scars were graded as per Goodman and Baron's global scarring grading system (GSGS), before the start and after 12 weeks of RAGA treatment. The differences in the scar grades were noted to assess the improvement.


At the end of 12 weeks, significant improvement in acne scars was noticed in 91.4% of the patients.


The RAGA combination shows efficacy in treating acne scars in the majority of patients, minimizing the need of procedural treatment for acne scars.

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I think it would be safe but I am not a physician. I recommended retinoic acid because it is widely used in cancer therapy and also remodels skin. Go to "Pubmed" and do a search on "retinoic acid cancer" and youbwill see what I mean. 


GHK may be used in cancer treatments in the future, but for now still in the basic research area. 


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