The majority of data about the symptoms of severe copper deficiency came from animal studies, studies in malnourished children or a rare genetic abnormality - Menkel syndrome. Recently, scientists began to pay attention to signs and consequences of marginal copper deficiency as well.


The main sign of severe copper deficiency in animals and humans is anemia that is unresponsive to iron therapy and is accompanied by severe abnormalities in bone marrow. Other symptoms include low white cell count in blood, increased incidence of infections, impaired growth and low weight in infants, bone abnormalities (fractures of long bones and ribs, osteoporosis, spur formation, formation of bone tissue outside of bones), impaired collagen synthesis, impaired melanin synthesis, hypotonia, heart problems (including heart failure).


These symptoms coincide with low level of copper in plasma and are reversed by copper supplementation.


Fortunately, such severe symptoms are rare. However, many people can have a borderline copper deficiency. If remains undetected, it can increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases, elevated level of total cholesterol and in particular “bad cholesterol”, neuro-degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson diseases, accelerated skin and hair aging, low immune status, impaired antioxidant defense, diabetes and osteoporosis.

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Copper (from TRAACS®copper glycinate chelate) 2mg


Is this good enough?


I bought Copper Amino Acid Chelate 2 mg before since I wasn't sure exactly what type...but ended up I stop taking it.

Actually Dr. Pickart has stated before:


"Don't take copper sulfate - It will damage your GI tract. Stick to the amino acid-copper chelate...5mg daily which should be OK...Amino acid chelates are much less irritating or can have anti-inflammatory actions."


Best Wishes!

Thank you for warning us, I had no idea about the different kinds let alone which would be safe to take.  I feel like I get the right amount of copper balanced with the right balance of zinc because I've been taking Dr. Andrew Weil's vitamins for many years and he keeps up with the latest science and changes his formulas accordingly if the need arises to keep it in line with the most up--to-date science.  Because I know I'm getting enough I do wonder if I could possibly get too much adding the cps to so many of my skincare products but I guess not if the top is 5 mcg and I think his formula is less than 5  to (forget the zinc ratio at the moment.).  But so good to know not to ever take the one you mentioned.  Thank you for telling us!

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