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Do you feel tired? Frustrated? Desperate? Do you keep spending money on skin care solutions that do not work? Indeed, with so many cosmetic products promising to ban wrinkles, lines and creases, eradicate cellulite and eliminate acne, why do we still have all those skin problems?

Why is it that everywhere we look, we still see wrinkles and lines and sagging skin? Well, maybe with the exception of glamorous beauties of Hollywood, but who knows how many surgeries it took to achieve that look. Why is it that after applying a skin care product you may notice your wrinkles instantly disappearing just to see them pop up again the next morning? In fact, an even better question may be: Why is it that some creams seem to make your skin appear even worse?

So if you are wondering if it is even possible to repair wrinkles and to restore the skin's youthful glow, the short answer is “Yes”. However, the quest for younger skin is often a perilous journey. Too many so called anti-wrinkle treatments or quick-fixes can damage your skin and greatly accelerate its aging.


Say “Yes” to Younger Skin

Starting on a path leading to younger and healthier skin is easier than you may think. All you need is:

  • 1. Say “no” to products and treatments that are alien to your skin and that can damage it
  • 2. Know your skin and its unique needs.
  • 3. Say “yes” to Mother Nature that has its own unique means to repair and restore your skin.

This last point may seem a bit confusing. Isn’t it Mother Nature that causes us to age? Yes and no. In reality, our skin is equipped with unique self-repair and self-renewal mechanisms that can be activated at any age. Skin aging research by noted biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart has led to the best skincare for harnessing your skin's natural power: copper peptides. Copper peptides are tiny biochemical gems that are proven to be the best answer to a majority of skin care problems from acne and scars to wrinkles and age spots.

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Originally Posted by Julee:

  Folks don't believe me when I tell them I'm sneaking up on 50 years old!  

Julee, I can see why!  In your profile picture you look in your 30's!  If 10 years of cps did that, I'm starting my 10 year journey .  Thing is I'm 57 already so I'll be 67 in 10 years.  If you look in your 30's at almost 50 then I should look in my 40's (younger than I am now) when I hit the 10 year mark. 

Yes, yes, I know everyone is different physically as far as body, skin, and general health go, as well as how often and how well cps are used, but this is all a  general hypothesis with approximate numbers.  Maybe I should reword it to say I HOPE I can do in 10 years what you did.  Julee you are an inspiration  to us all.  You should be in the "hall of fame" or in the "Inpsirational Story Thread".  I know they don't exist yet, but I am going to ask the mods if we could maybe create something similar to that idea in order to inspire those of us who aren't quite as committed as you are.

Way to go Julee!!!

Dear Sheila:


Thanks for posting your question! The work on copper peptides continues to impress.


However, since this forum is solely dedicated to the science behind copper peptides, the FDA does not allow specific mention of product names or links to be posted on our forum.


To keep abreast of the published papers and work being done around the world on GHK-Cu, be sure to continue to visit


Best Wishes,

-Skin Biology

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Hi everyone! I live in the UK and have been able to source a 50mg GHK-CU powder vial from a reputable lab. I want to use it topically for skin ageing and, most importantly, on my scalp to help with alopecia. I plan to do microneedling once a month on face and scalp and apply a cream made with the peptide. I only use natural products on my skin so I was thinking of mixing the peptide with my current face cream which is from a 100% natural german brand called weleda. You can see the ingredients in this cream in the attached image. Do u think any of those ingredients will damage/neutralize the GHK-CU?

Can I add the powder peptide straight to the cream (for a 4% concentration) or do I necessarily need to dilute the powder first with 1ml BAC water?

Finally, is it ok to use this cream daily?

I hope I can find some answers! Thank u so much!

Thank you for posting your question - We are happy to reply back!

We are checking with Dr. Pickart to see if there might possibly be any interaction if you plan on adding GHK-Cu to this product.

Keep in mind that for a finished product however, Dr. Pickart never suggests to go beyond 3% GHK-Cu as the final concentration. There simply would be no need to and Less is More when dealing with potent cosmeceuticals.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology

You have been so helpful THAN YOU! I’ve tested the PH of the cream and it’s a neutral 5 so I’m hoping that’s all we need to make sure of? I’ve also tested various oils such as jojoba or, even better for hair, castor oil, and they come at a neutral ph as well. Will that be enough to consider them safe for the GHK-Cu?

With more research I’ve understood you do need to dilute the pure powder in order to add it in drops to the final medium (cream or oil). Am I correct?

Copper toxicity does worry me a bit. I agree 3% may be a safer option. My hair Zn to Cu tests came at optimal levels so I wouldn’t want to upset the balance. Would using the GHK-Cu at 3% cream daily risk Cu toxicity? Should it be used less often? Would it even work for skin Ageing and alopecia if used less often?

Huge thanks! It’s so hard to find quality information on peptides! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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Dear :

The good news is that copper toxicity shouldn't be a worry at all. Irritation is the main thing to keep in mind when mixing a finished product. 

Please email Dr. Pickart directly and he'll be able to assist - Send an email to:

You can copy / paste your above questions and send them in the email. Dr. Pickart would be the best person to check with on this.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology

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