DMSO & GHK: A Success Story

Background & Observations:
GHK-Cu improved the skin transplants with the best results being obtained by using GHK-Cu dissolved in a small amount of DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide).

Normally in skin grafts, most of the grafted skin dies off, and  new skin grows outward from the surviving core of the skin graft. However, the addition of DMSO often so improved the graft "take" that the final graft "take" area exceeded the actual size of the skin graft. 

Periphery of wound injected with 50 micrograms of GHK-Cu in 1% DMSO. Control wounds received 1% DMSO only. By 17 days post wounding, GHK-Cu accelerated healing and induced a "star" pattern of strong wound contraction.

Full information, including original studies, are documented at:

Dr. Loren Pickart who has a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Francisco is dedicated to the research and further discussion of biochemistry, science, and health in all its applications.

Original Post

Hi I wonder is it ok to add a touch of DMSO to a jar of skin cream that is organic and filled with nourishment so that it would go deeper into the skin for better results ? I have some DMSO 99% unopened still . 

Hi Dr . Pickart , why do you say Crepey Skin Escape is not meant to be used  around the eye area ? I read this statement but you don't say why . Is it because it contains DMSO ? 

I don't think it will cause any problems. We just are somewhat over-cautious on newer products. Crepey Skin Escape is receiving great reviews. As for DMSO, I still have not found any real evidence for toxicities. Mechanics have used it for many decades to remove grease from auto parts. 

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