I read 100/200mg/day of ghk but only 10mg/day copper. So if you took a ghk-cu supplement what dose do you take? ❤🙏❤

Nasal spray works out at just 1mg/day.

So I don't know? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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Thank you for posting your question - Dr. Pickart will reply back with his thoughts very shortly.

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Dr. Pickart says: 

"My earlier estimates of the amount of GHK-Cu needed for human effects were far too high. Since we are in the USA, we only have good reports on GHK-Cu working well at 1 to 7 mgs per day by injection. The SuperSmart GHK-Cu has Linguinal 5 mg GHK-Cu and we have a number of good reports on that product. We don't have much information on the GHK-Cu nasal spray which is sold in Europe and the Middle East."

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