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I've reads some of the content on the site, but haven't seen any specific recommendations for dosing GHK-CU injections for general anti-aging, not for a specific condition.  I just purchased a 200 mg vial.  thanks

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I would not recommend injecting GHK-Cu. We just have little information on human injections. GHK-Cu passes the stratum corneum rather easily, so just using the product on your skin, should put some GHK-Cu into your body. And GHK-Cu works at 1 nanomolar on cells. The Russian anti-anxiety studies in rats found GHK strongly affects the rats within 12 minutes at a dosage that would correspond to 35 micrograms in humans. 

There are reports of human injecting GHK-Cu bought from other companies. If someone does this watch the blood pressure which may decrease with a very high dose. I do not recommend injection but if you do this, the keep it to a total to 2 mgs to 20 mgs of GHK-Cu. A possible lethal dose, based on studies in mice, would be about 23,000 mgs injected IV at one time. 

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OK so GHK-Cu is weird. Yesterday I injected 2mg subQ, can't really say if I noticed much, but this morning I injected 4mg subQ and like all my inflammation disappeared. This 4mg was stronger than the highest ibuprofen dose I've ever taken regarding inflammation reduction. (like 1.2 grams ibuprofen). About an hour later I worked out and I've had the strongest pump/soreness I've ever had regarding lifting. Also I'm in a ridiculously good mood and don't feel sluggish mentally (probably because of CNS inflammation reduction?)

I'm curious weather these effects will last after the full vial or if this is only while it's in my blood stream. Cause if it's only while it's in my blood stream I think that price tag isn't too bad cause I feel fan-f**king-tastic.

Comment - Below is my favorite GHK story. If it were possible, I wonder if GHK-Cu would help terminally ill people in hospice care.

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I originally bought GHK-cu (copper peptide) for my skin, and possibly to help with my husband's joint inflammation. It worked for both, but this is another post. I have a 16-year-old Jack Russel, Dachshund mix. For the last two years, she's been wheezing. Apparently she has an enlarged heart which is pushing on her lungs. She was still very much enjoying her life, so, we've kept her happy and decided that if she began to suffer, we would do something. Well, late one night about a week ago, the wheezing got terrible, she was struggling. Gasping for air, lethargic, dull eyes. We love her dearly but firmly decided that if she was still bad in the morning, we'd take her to the vet and do whatever had to be done. I cried. Then, just on the off-chance that it might help her, I drew up a 2.5 mg SubQ syringe of GHK-cu. I pinched some skin on her neck, and administered. She didn't even feel it. The next morning, this dog was, I don't know how to say it any other way, rejuvenated: about five years younger (15-20 in dog years.) The wheezing had all but stopped, eyes bright, running around, tail wagging. I concluded that the Copper Peptide may have reduced the swollen heart. I'm sure many of you will say there's no way one dose could have that effect. But I have no other explanation for it. I am not planning to do it regularly. My idea was alleviate her suffering, that was all. But she got so much healthier. I will give her the copper again if she shows signs of degrading.

UPDATE 6/7/17

Since the post above, we have given the same dog one more GHK-cu injection as well as one small BPC-157 injection. I have also put a small amount of Epitalon in special doggy eye drops, which is a way of getting some in her body and bypassing the gastrointestinal system. Our dog, nearly 17 yrs old, is now running short distances (whereas before she walked very slowly and tired after 20 or so yards). Overall, she is walking more than a half mile before showing signs of slowing down; her vision has improved dramatically, and she sleeps without wheezing. The only difference in her care has been peptides. One small, happy mutt does not a scientific study make, but I feel these results are worth putting out there. Maybe someone who has tried everything might be helped. Who knows? Good wishes to all. PS I have also added peptides to human eye drops, which I keep refrigerated. This is probably not going to deliver a big dose to the system, but I feel it helps.

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anyone try GHK-Cu?

Yes, It's great. Potent anti-inflammatory, great for post workout recovery, and really does speed up the healing process. I've had a couple bumps and scrapes from a hike and it healed them up remarkably fast. I don't perceive any mental or nootropic benefits when dosing subq, but that doesn't mean it isn't doing something special sub-perceptibly. The research behind it makes it sound like the fountain of youth.

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I wasn't sure where to post this. It's not really a nootropic-related report but I thought people would be interested in these results.

My dog is 11-years-old and in great shape for her age. Her only identifiable age-related issue is bare spots at her elbows on her front legs. She's had them for at least 5 years now (the bare spots, not the legs; those are OEM).

I ordered some GHK-Cu to try it out and I thought "What the hell? Let's see if this will do something for her." I mixed 20 mg of the reconstituted GHK-Cu into 20 g of a standard moisturizer and have been applying it to her bare spots for a week. They haven't filled in completely but there is noticeably more fur in those spots. Prior to this, you could see the bare spots easily from a distance. Now, the one on her left leg isn't even visible unless you look closely and move the surrounding fur. The results for this are much better than I would have expected.

Hi Dr. Pickart, 
I've been using GHK-Cu for 4 weeks at 5mg daily. I've had great effects including skin, cognitive function and hair growth, it's pretty incredible! 
I have a quick question that I'm hoping you can answer. You recommend the purchase  of GHK-Cu through Ceretropic. I'm curious what dose people use for anti aging effects. I'm concerned of copper toxicity and taking to much of GHK-Cu. 
I've spoken with you on the phone and had a great conversation with you! You're done amazing work on GHK-Cu and I thank you! 
Thanks for you're response in advance!
Thanks for your email. I have been getting various reports on GHK-Cu injections and it seems about 1 to 10 mg daily is helpful.
Using 5 mgs daily only gives you about 0.79 mg copper. European tests found the highest anti-oxidant activity in human blood when taking 5 to 7 mgs Cu daily. In my new book on GHK there is a chapter on copper in the body. The only issue is to keep copper and zinc in a rough balance of about 5 parts zinc to 1 part copper. I have nothing to do with Ceretropic but I wish them well.
Dr. Loren Pickart posted:

There are reports of human injecting GHK-Cu bought from other companies. If someone does this watch the blood pressure which may decrease with a very high dose. I do not recommend injection but if you do this, the keep it to a total to 2 mgs to 20 mgs of GHK-Cu. A possible lethal dose, based on studies in mice, would be about 23,000 mgs injected IV at one time. 


Why is a lethal doze mentioned ? 

Dear Dr. Pickard, why don’t you tell us the side effects directly if Injected. Yes, there are Drs. prescribing this injections and people seeing skin tightening, youthful suppleness, etc . Also vials vary from $200.00 and up! Why such wide range on pricing?

I've been using GHK copper peptide injections for about a year for general anti-aging and systemic effects. I'm not aware of any side effects at present, and have not found much info on the subject.  I also use the Skin Biology products topically. Peptide Sciences is a reputable provider of , high quality injectable peptides, made in US.  Good customer service.  There are less expensive vendors, but the quality is suspect.

      I don't know of any side effects at the dosages typically used which are 1 to 7 mgs daily. In one kilogram amounts, GHK-Cu costs about $10 a gram or $0.10 per milligram. But we have been under FDA pressure for years about the copper peptides and can say little. We cannot say what all the other sellers of copper peptides say about the actions of copper peptides. I have been told many times by FDA people that we have too much science. SuperSmart sells a sublingual form of 5 mgs GHK-Cu but, while I wish them well, we are not part of  that company. 

    A woman came to Skin Biology recently who had serious damage to her C6 neck spinal segment and spent her days for three years in bed with pain. Under her physician's direction, she used GHK-Cu. After two months of injecting 7 mgs subcutaneously near the C6 area, she has no pain,  the swelling is greatly reduced, and she out-of-bed and can do most physical exercises. She gave me a big hug. 

     A man with COPD said use of sublingual GHK-Cu helped his breathing. 

    But illnesses generate income for big pharma. I am not against business but the current pricing of drugs in the USA is almost criminal. 

    Also, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is hopeless. My last grant application to NIH for GHK studies was disapproved as "of no medical value". 

    My goal is to publish our studies of the potential medical uses of GHK based on analyzing the huge amount of gene expression data given to us by the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA. We are putting links to GHK research into our website at They are on the left side of the screen about three screens down. We have been focusing lately on GHK's many anti-cancer actions. We just submitted a new paper; "The human tripeptide GHK induces strong anti-neoplastic gene expression in human breast cancer MCF7 and prostate cancer PC3 cells".

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