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Searching for Information on the Science of Copper Peptides? It's Time to Pick Up Your Copy

Find the information you need in Dr. Pickart's comprehensive publication Reverse Skin Aging - What Copper Peptides Can Do For You.

No other book is as heavily referenced with dermatological studies and independent research that present an impressive body of scientific evidence on the age-reversal power of copper peptides. 

Challenge the belief that aging is inevitable. Today, scientific studies from leading institutions confirm that many age-related changes in your skin or hair can be reversed! 

In his insightful book, Dr. Pickart discusses his groundbreaking discovery of the copper peptide GHK – a biochemical gem that forever transformed our beliefs about what is possible when it comes to reversing skin aging and hair growth. Copper peptides are natural compounds that work together with your body’s natural repair systems, helping your skin and hair to repair and rebuild itself to maintain its youthful and glowing appearance. Unfortunately, they decline with age and therefore need to be replenished to prevent wrinkles and loss of elasticity on the skin and to strengthen follicle health. 


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Dr. Loren Pickart who has a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Francisco is dedicated to the research and further discussion of biochemistry, science, and health in all its applications.


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