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The Challenge: Many so-called "anti-aging" creams contain detergents that cause swelling of the skin’s proteins, creating an immediate illusion of wrinkle reduction. But this swelling can further weaken the skin’s protective barrier, making eczema even worse. 

Exotic plants and new “miracle” ingredients that are foreign to your skin’s biology can further exacerbate eczema symptoms. Once the cause of irritation is found, you may need to find a product that can help with symptoms until the sensitivity reaction goes away. 

Effective Help: Copper peptides supply nutritional copper to the skin which is then used by over a dozen important skin enzymes. Using your body's natural healing factors, they efficiently improve skin’s barrier, reduce inflammation and speed up cell turnover. 

Copper peptides improved the skin barrier in four independent studies by world renowned dermatologists at leading universities. In addition, research indicates that the copper peptide GHK-Cu discovered by Dr. Pickart in 1973 may help by regulating your skin’s genes.

The Cleveland Clinic refers to copper peptides as "the most effective skin regeneration product" and explains that they "increase the benefits of the body's natural tissue-building processes". 

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Dr. Loren Pickart who has a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Francisco is dedicated to the research and further discussion of biochemistry, science, and health in all its applications.

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