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I recently purchased a 7% GHK-Cu for a DIY moisturizer mixture. I remember reading that due to stability issues mixing GHK-Cu with AHAs or Vitamin-C is not advised.


I am considering mixing it together with the following actives:


1% CoQ10

3% Carnosine

1% Alpha Lipoic Acid


Would any of these ingredients destabilize GHK-Cu? Any advice would be highly appreciated. 


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Dear Zaril:


Thank you for posting your question - We were able to ask Dr. Pickart about stability issues if you try mixing GHK-Cu as mentioned. He says mixing with CoQ10 would not pose a problem.


But regarding the other actives (Carnosine, ALA, and Boswellic acid) our best suggestion is to try it. Make a small amount and test on a small area first before general use.


Best Wishes,


Thanks for the suggestion. The trouble is that even if these components neutralize the GHK-Cu it could potentially take a very long time (if ever) for me to find out. The best I could hope by experimenting on myself as a sample of one would be to not get a negative reaction, but without understand the chemistry involved I am basically fumbling in the dark.


Is the stability of GHK-Cu related to the PH of the resulting mix? Because it wouldn't be too hard to test for PH to at least rule out any other actives that make the resulting mixture too acidic. Would it be possible to ask Dr Pickart about that? I could then use his general guidance to do some more basic tests.


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