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I've been following the research and a lot of basic papers regarding the possible use of GHK for COPD.

I am aware there is no offical study or practical use currently, but since major adverse effects seem to be unlikely and COPD is no fun I came to the decision to give it a try.

With the planned use arose some questions to be as safe as possible. Hopefully Dr. Pickard or some experienced users have some advise or answers.

1) GHK / GHK-Cu for injection (vials) is available from many suppliers of unknown origin and the best one sadly closed business (Ceretropic). Which supplier can be recommended currently who offers a safe and "pure" product?

2) I read countless posts of several forums regarding the use etc. of the peptide and wondered about the color of the peptide inthe vials of different suppliers. Some users said it was a white powder, some it was (as I would expect) light blue. Is there a difference in color depending on the way it was synthesized? All peptides seem to be lyophilized powder, so why this difference in the color users reported? May the color tells something if it is real GHK or even bulls*** inthe vial?

3) All "experts" say the peptide should be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water, but I would prefer sterile filtering (0.22 um). To find the correct filter(material) I need to know the isoelectric point of GHK and GHK-Cu, to avoid adsorption of the GHK by the flter (loss of the peptide due to filtering). Anyone may have some info about this?

4) Since GHK is a quite short peptide it should be relatively stable, but would it stable if used via nebulizer? Most devices seem to use ultrasound, so would this be an issue?

Thank you in advance for any input or advice, and a big thank you to you Dr. Pickard for all you work!!!

Best regards,


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