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Sagging face is one of the most prominent signs of facial aging. If you’re also dealing with sagging facial skin, you can choose to get the best non-surgical thread lift anti-aging treatment provided at Skinlogics Clinic, Noida. This is the best procedure that tackles sags and folds of the skin. The threads are made up of biological material and are inserted beneath the skin to create a lift. The threads work by the process of hydrolysis inside the skin to boost collagen production. These threads also gently pull the skin back and offer to lift and tighten the skin. The results are immediate, and the appearance of the skin keeps improving as it heals. To reverse the signs of aging and get a youthful skin visit now at Skinlogics Clinic to get the best treatment of thread lift in Noidaby an expert dermatologist Dr. Anshu Maheswari.

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Dr. Anshu Maheshwari is a certified and the best skin specialist in Noida. She is a well known Consultant Dermatologist practicing in Delhi-NCR. She is well versed with the various problems related to skin, hair and nails.


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