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Welcome to our new forum. This forum is based on the award winning science of Dr. Loren Pickart. It specializes in the ground breaking research on the peptide known as GHK. We will add more forums as we get a sense of what people want. We will also let the people known about the most current research going on in the world corresponding this gene.


This forum is based on science, and does not and will not link to products sold by anyone.


If you post a link to a product, than it will be deleted. Your first offense will be a deletion, and a warning.


Your second offense will a ban.


We take your questions and concerns very seriously. But a condition to deal with any formula questions or product concerns is that a real address MUST be provided when you register on the Skin Biology Science chat forum.

Your contact information must not be a fake name or fake address.

Your address listed in your profile is not able to be viewed publicly and your information will never be shared.

In this way we can track client orders and cut down on "Internet Trolling".


Please be respectful of other people and their opinions, but please when possible bring science into the discussion.


Offensive posts will be removed from the chat group. The offender may lose his/her posting privileges.


Spamming by posts or unsolicited emails to our forum members will not be tolerated. Neither will stealing emails for purposes of building clientele or personally contacting individual members without their given consent.


Commercial posts from distributors, manufacturers, and sales people are not permitted.


We highly esteem our clients and visitors and request that language used on the message board be appropriate at all times. Posts with inappropriate language (including name calling) will be removed.


Thank you.

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