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SKIN REMODELING is the process that removes damaged proteins and older cells from the skin thus reducing scars, lesions, and wrinkles while smoothing out skin texture and tone. Increasing skin remodeling is the key to producing biologically younger skin.      

WHY THE NEED? Skin remodeling declines rapidly as humans pass age 20. Skin is replaced every three weeks at age 20 but this increases to every nine weeks by age 50. Because the rate of skin cell replacement is reduced, this results in thinner, more fragile skin. After age 25, skin oil production starts to drop. This reduces acne but produces drier skin. This drop in oil production becomes more serious after age 45. Additionally, the skin's production of collagen, elastin, and water-holding proteins is reduced while the rate of breakdown is increased and wrinkle formation with loss of elasticity starts. The problem becomes progressively more and more serious with passing years.


WHAT IS WORKING TO REVERSE THIS PROCESS? Many report success using copper peptides to increase skin remodeling as evidenced by reduction or total removal of sun damage marks, skin tags, certain types of moles and age spots, stretch marks, and burn scars. Sometimes these are reduced with the combination of copper peptide creams and hydroxy acid creams, but often the copper peptides are effective alone. This method produces no skin irritation and results are usually evident in 1-2 months although maximum effects often require 4-6 months of treatment. 


Ultrasound scan of the skin of a women aged 59 before and after treatment with copper peptides.

The attached image is an ultrasound scan of the skin of a woman aged 59 before and after treatment with a cream containing copper peptides. The left-hand image is her original scan. The right-hand side of the image is her skin after only 1 month of treatment with copper peptide complexes.

The white-yellow colored areas are the ultrasonic reflection from skin areas that are now more dense because of closer cellular binding and increased amounts of collagen and elastin. This effect is the opposite (or reversal) of the usual thinning and loosening of skin that occurs during aging.       


For more information, see our page on The Science of Copper Peptides and Skin Remodeling at:


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Dr. Loren Pickart who has a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Francisco is dedicated to the research and further discussion of biochemistry, science, and health in all its applications.


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