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GHK Reverses Cortisone Inhibition of Regeneration - Why It Should Matter to You


Cortisone and cortisol are linked to brain problems and dementia. These two very similar molecules are easily converted from one to another.Patients with Alzheimer’s disease have elevated levels of cortisol in their blood streams, compared to healthy patients.

This elevation correlated with the degree of memory impairments that the patients had and appeared early on in the disease progression. 

Cortisone injections can cause reversible dementia. 

GHK may possibly reduce dementia in humans.


GHK Reverses Cortisone Inhibition of Regeneration      

The cortisone/cortisol system strongly inhibits tissue regeneration and repair. Elevated cortisone/cortisol have been proposed as accelerators of human ageing. During studies in the late 1980s and early 1990s, we found that GHK-copper 2+ reversed cortisone-induced inhibition of regeneration in rats, mice, and pigs. Cortisone was used to slow healing in animal tests so that the effect of copper complexes could be better studied. Little of this was published but some data exists in a published United States Patent, Number 5,164,367. Below are the results of a typical experiment of cortisone-healing inhibited rats treated with GHK-copper 2+. Dr. H. Paul Ehrlich, a wound healing expert, had suggested this method. 

After about year 2000, there rose a general awareness that the cortisone/cortisol system was a possible accelerator of human aging. The cortisone/cortisol concentration increases during aging. DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) blocks many negatives effects of cortisone/cortisol but DHEA decreases with time, This allows the negative actions of the cortisone/cortisol system become stronger. 

GHK-copper 2+ also decreases during aging, dropping by 60% between age 20 to age 60 in health men. This also may intensify the negative actions of the cortisone/cortisol system.

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Dr. Loren Pickart who has a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Francisco is dedicated to the research and further discussion of biochemistry, science, and health in all its applications.


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